Portworx Enterprise 2.13.0 is now available!

We are very excited to announce that Portworx Enterprise 2.13.0 is now GA.

New Features in Portworx Enterprise 2.13.0

  • OKE/Oracle Cloud integration - With this release, we have added support for a new cloud platform using cloud drives for automated storage management on Oracle cloud and Oracle Kubernetes Engine for containers. This will help customers to automatically provision and scale storage similar to what they have been doing in other public clouds.

  • NVME RoCE for Pure FlashArrays - This is added on request of FA customers who are switching to NVME RoCE for increased performance. It is available for both FA cloud drives and FA Direct Access volumes.

  • CSI updates - This release has updated Portworx CSI driver to the latest version (1.7.0) of the CSI spec.

This release also includes many other enhancements and key bug fixes to address key customer requests. Full release notes are here.

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