Portworx Enterprise 2.13.3 is now GA

We are pleased to announce that Portworx Enterprise 2.13.3 is GA. This release has couple improvements listed below and important bug fixes.


Portworx has upgraded or enhanced functionality in the following areas:

Improvement Number Improvement Description
PWX-30420 In Portworx version 2.13.0, a prerequisite check was implemented to detect the versions of the multipath tool with known issues (0.7.x to 0.9.3) during installation or upgrade of Portworx. If a faulty version was detected, it was not possible to install or upgrade Portworx. However, this prerequisite check has now been removed, and Portworx installs or upgrades are not blocked on these faulty versions. Instead, a warning message is displayed, advising customers to upgrade their multipath package.
PWX-29992 In Async DR migration, a snapshot was previously created at the start of restores as a fallback in case of errors, but it added extra load with creation and deletion operations. This is improved, as Portworx do not create a fallback snapshot, allowing users to create clones from the last successful migrated snapshot if necessary for error cases.

Please see the release notes [here].(Portworx Release Notes )