Portworx Essential license through corporate proxy - issue

Hi all,
My essential cluster px v2.5.3 is trying to register and fetch license through proxy, but without success.

Unable to reach to billing server: Cannot reach Billing endpoint: Cannot reach TCP endpoint pxessentials.portworx.com:http in timeout 1, Err: dial tcp i/o timeout

On the proxy side I can see that nodes are trying to post and get 400

29/Jul/2020:12:08:42 +0200 352 TCP_MISS/200 400 POST http://logs-01.loggly.com/inputs/225dfd1d-30d9-4fa2-a60b-ad7767b928b4/tag/http/ - HIER_DIRECT/logs-01.loggly.com text/html

Thank you in advance! (edited)

Portworx has a new version that supports dial via a proxy. Please update to Portworx 2.5.5.
Also, please share the K8’s spec used to install this cluster.

Dear Tapas,

I have upgraded PX cluster to 2.5.5 and I can confirm that license renewal is working through proxy.
My k8s setup is full-scaled Charmed k8s v 1.17.9 with 3 px nodes.

Thank you so much!

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