Portworx install - Adding CA certs (due to SSL Inspection)


I’m wondering - what would be the correct way to add a CA Certificate to Portworx? I’ve done it manually (adding them to the /opt/pwx/oci/rootfs/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt) but I am pretty sure that this is not the correct way to do things :wink:

I am installing Portworx in a environment where all HTTPS connections are re-encoded by the network edge so I am unable to run upgrades/connect to the license servers.

This is in a Kubernetes environment if that matters…


Quick question, why does Portworx need a CA Certificate? What is it connecting to that it requires a CA as a client?

Please ping me on #general on portworx.slack.com @lpabon and we can discuss this further. I am on UTC-4 (EDT).