PVC stuck in pending because of i/o timeout during PVC provisioning


we are currently trying to get Portworx Essentials running on a managed Kubernetes cluster from DataLine. The PX cluster status is operational, showing 4 nodes with storage. However, when we try to create a PVC, it stays in “Pending” state with the following error message:

Failed to provision volume with StorageClass “px-secure-sc”: Get dial tcp i/o timeout

If I understand the architecture correctly, this means that kube-controller-manager cannot reach the Portworx service, and therefore cannot trigger the volume creation.

Can you suggest any further steps do debug and hopefully resolve this? We do not have access to the controlplane as this is a managed Kubernetes setup.


Can you share the output of kubectl get pods -n kube-system and share the spec file which was used for installation.

I’m working together with Dominik on this.

Output of kubectl get pods -n kube-system:

portworx-7c8mv                                            1/1     Running   0          27h
portworx-7qwl5                                            1/1     Running   0          27h
portworx-api-65xs6                                        1/1     Running   0          27h
portworx-api-7mvw7                                        1/1     Running   0          27h
portworx-api-hjtpb                                        1/1     Running   0          27h
portworx-api-v4z5s                                        1/1     Running   0          27h
portworx-k6lx6                                            1/1     Running   0          27h
portworx-msgqn                                            1/1     Running   0          27h


Can you apply this yaml and check:

After applying this were you able to provision the PVC ?


yes that helped bringing up the the pvc.

Thank you!