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Portworx on Kubernetes

This category of topics cover all questions related installing and operating Portworx on Kubernetes clusters including On-premise Kubernetes distributions as well as cloud-based managed kubernetes services.

Portworx on other Orchestrators

This is a discussion category for topics about running Portworx on other orchestrators like DC/OS, Docker EE/Swarm, Nomad and others.

Stateful Workloads

This category of discussions covers how to run different third-party applications like Postgres, Mysql, Cassandra, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Jenkins, Wordpress and other cloud-native applications on top of Portworx volumes on any infrastructure

Portworx Releases

Please follow this category for all Portworx release announcements

Portworx Volumes

Learn more about Portworx volumes, how to configure them, best practices, common pitfalls and how to get the best performance out of any infrastructure with Portworx.

Portworx Install

This is the discussion area for all Portworx Install related items

Portworx Upgrades

This is the discussion area for all items related to Portworx upgrades when upgrading an existing install of Portworx PX-Enterprise.


PX-Motion enables IT teams to easily move data and application configuration between environments, radically simplifying blue-green deployments of stateful apps. This category of topics cover all discussions around PX-Motion


PX-Central includes Portworx Lighthouse, Monitoring Portworx through Prometheus, other monitoring integrations such as Datadog, Sysdig etc. This category of topics cover all things related to Portworx Management and Monitoring via PX-Central

Enhancement Requests

This category of topics cover all product enhancement requests from our customers and users. The discussions here also helps prioritize the most popular requests from our user community.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.