Install Portworx using Calico Backend


I tried to install portworx in my kubernetes cluster using CALICO CNI

I got this error

AFAIK calico doesnt support hostNetwork =. true

please help me


Hello @Bagus_Navyan_Putra

Calico would not get in the way of PX running on the host network and PX has no dependency on the CNI network.

Can you upload the logs from one of the portworx pods. You can use the below commands.

PX_POD=$(kubectl get pods -l name=portworx -n kube-system -o jsonpath='{.items[0]}')

kubectl logs -n kube-system $PX_POD

Hi thanks for your response

This is the log generated

is it normal for portworx-api to show this?


Hi @Bagus_Navyan_Putra

is it a cloud or managed service (like rancher) or you are running vanilla kubernetes? which kubernetes version are you running?

@Bagus_Navyan_Putra as Thiago mentioned, you would like to understand the platform you are running on.


  1. How was Kubernetes installed?
  2. What is the OS distro and version of the worker nodes?

is it normal for portworx-api to show this?

Yes, you can portworx-api pods. We just need to look at pods that are shown by

kubectl get pods -n kube-system -l name=portworx