Portworx pods not running

I get the following error in the logs :
@kube-bs7c7mid0roes1hbra7g-watsonaiops-default-0000032f.iks.ibm portworx[167284]: time=“2020-07-15T17:23:10Z” level=info msg="[provider] IBM initialized"
@kube-bs7c7mid0roes1hbra7g-watsonaiops-default-0000032f.iks.ibm portworx[167284]: time=“2020-07-15T17:23:10Z” level=info msg="Authentication error Authentication error: Auth not supported for IBM cloud provider ibm, Geo {softlayer us-south dal10 default default default default default default } "
@kube-bs7c7mid0roes1hbra7g-watsonaiops-default-0000032f.iks.ibm portworx[167284]: time=“2020-07-15T17:23:10Z” level=info msg=“Made 0 pools”
@kube-bs7c7mid0roes1hbra7g-watsonaiops-default-0000032f.iks.ibm portworx[167284]: time=“2020-07-15T17:23:10Z” level=info msg=“Node 17aa4a0d-84b9-40b8-bfe7-501472102bc1( joining the cluster with index (17)”
@kube-bs7c7mid0roes1hbra7g-watsonaiops-default-0000032f.iks.ibm portworx[167284]: time=“2020-07-15T17:23:10Z” level=info msg=“Waiting for storage node to join the cluster…”
@kube-bs7c7mid0roes1hbra7g-watsonaiops-default-0000032f.iks.ibm portworx[167284]: time=“2020-07-15T17:23:10Z” level=error msg=“Could not find any available storage disks on this node: unable to start as a storageless node as no storage node found in the cluster. Please add storage to your nodes and restart Portworx.”
time=“2020-07-15T17:23:17Z” level=warning msg=“Could not retrieve PX node status” error=“Node status not OK (STATUS_INIT)\n”
@kube-bs7c7mid0roes1hbra7g-watsonaiops-default-0000032f.iks.ibm portworx[167284]: time=“2020-07-15T17:23:17Z” level=warning msg=“503 Node status not OK (STATUS_INIT)” Driver=“Cluster API” ID=nodeHealth Request=“Cluster API”
time=“2020-07-15T17:23:27Z” level=warning msg=“Could not retrieve PX node status” error=“Node status not OK (STATUS_INIT)\n”

What config change do I need to fix this

Hi can you share the complete log from this pod ? Also share the following information:

  1. Where are your trying to deploy portworx (Cloud/BareMetal)
  2. Which orchestration (K8s/Openshift/Rancher/Docker)
  3. If kubernetes which version of K8s
  4. lsblk & blkid
  5. Portworx version & how are your deploying (helm/specfile/catalogue)

If you can share your environment details how and where your doing the setup will help to debug further

I did not follow the steps properly. This has been resolved

Hi SIddarth, we’re glad you got this resolved. For others who may find this page via a search for those errors, can you please share what specific steps were missed, so they may have something to check they performed? Often the mistakes we make others can learn/benefit from as well.