[CLI ] --help implicit if no subcommand provided?

Hello !

If we type “pxctl volume” we have the output :

Error: subcommand required

We have to append “–help” to discover the subcommands

If we type “pxctl volume create” we have the ouptut :
Error: create command requires at least one argument
pxctl volume create [flags]

  create, c

pxctl volume create [flags] volume-name

Why don’t always append the output of “–help” in case of error in the command ?
(Maybe not the craziest “enhancement” you expected :smiley: )

Hi, We are working on this and will be part of a future release. Will keep you posted when we have it an release.

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@jbomaileva - We have a picked up changes to address this in 2.1.0 release due out on 04/10. Thanks again for the input.