Create PVC Fails with KVDB Connection Failed Message

Hi. I’ve successfully deployed portworx 2.8 via the operator to my on premise kubernetes cluster (ubuntu 20.04 vms), using the Vsphere clouddrive feature to create vmdks for the storage cluster nodes. All this appears to be running and the “board is green” so to speak.
When I attempt to create a PVC specifying a portworx storage class, I receive the following error:

Warning  ProvisioningFailed  78s (x11 over 9m28s)  persistentvolume-controller  Failed to provision volume with StorageClass "px-db": rpc error: code = Internal desc = Unable to get default policy details rpc error: code = Internal desc = Unable to retrive default policy details: KVDB connection failed, either node has networking issues or KVDB members are down or KVDB cluster is unhealthy. All operations (get/update/delete) are unavailable.

The PVC stays in a pending state forever. When this occurs, I don’t see anything in the logs of the portworx containers, just the error from kubernetes above.

My kvdb members output looks good to me:

Kvdb Cluster Members:
ID                                      PEER URLs                               CLIENT URLs                     LEADER  HEALTHY DBSIZE
f9f4f929-4a25-4382-838e-3219cbb5c3f3    [http://portworx-1.internal.kvdb:9018]  []       true    true    224 KiB
cb3c76d8-b9e8-4026-ad8a-c4c4fe05bba4    [http://portworx-2.internal.kvdb:9018]  []       false   true    208 KiB
2e793acb-9257-4de5-ad23-b40ca9173303    [http://portworx-3.internal.kvdb:9018]  []       false   true    208 KiB

My cluster status:

Status: PX is operational
Telemetry: Healthy
License: PX-Essential (lease renewal in 23h, 48m)
Node ID: f9f4f929-4a25-4382-838e-3219cbb5c3f3
        Local Storage Pool: 1 pool
        0       HIGH            raid0           200 GiB 10 GiB  Online  default default
        Local Storage Devices: 1 device
        Device  Path            Media Type              Size            Last-Scan
        0:1     /dev/sdb        STORAGE_MEDIUM_MAGNETIC 200 GiB         08 Nov 21 22:33 UTC
        total                   -                       200 GiB
        Cache Devices:
         * No cache devices
        Kvdb Device:
        Device Path     Size
        /dev/sdc        32 GiB
         * Internal kvdb on this node is using this dedicated kvdb device to store its data.
Cluster Summary
        Cluster ID: px-cluster-cf1
        Cluster UUID: ****
        Scheduler: kubernetes
        Nodes: 3 node(s) with storage (3 online)
        IP              ID                                      SchedulerNodeName       Auth            StorageNode     Used    Capacity        Status  StorageStatus   Version    Kernel                   OS     f9f4f929-4a25-4382-838e-3219cbb5c3f3    ******  Disabled        Yes             10 GiB  200 GiB         Online  Up (This node)     5.4.0-89-generic        Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS     cb3c76d8-b9e8-4026-ad8a-c4c4fe05bba4    *****  Disabled        Yes             10 GiB  200 GiB         Online  Up         5.4.0-89-generic        Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS     2e793acb-9257-4de5-ad23-b40ca9173303    *****  Disabled        Yes             10 GiB  200 GiB         Online  Up         5.4.0-89-generic        Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
Global Storage Pool
        Total Used      :  30 GiB
        Total Capacity  :  600 GiB

Any ideas?


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