Errors with clusterpair between AWS source to AWS dest DR

I am doing a AWS to AWS DR and get this error after creating the clusterpair. PX version installed is 2.6
I ran this command in source cluster. Can anybody suggest ?

source aws cluster after running " kubectl -n kube-system describe clusterpair eks"

        Value:  cp

Remote Storage Id: 37f6ae5d-d2ac-4f2c-8370-1b648bf54457
Scheduler Status: Error
Storage Status: Ready
Type Reason Age From Message

Warning Error 77s (x113 over 21m) stork Get https://BD0F2BCBE965AFB91D4896426636449E.gr7. getting credentials:exec: exit status 1

awsp:~/environment $

looks like stork complains about the credentials. please follow this doc page to create the credentials and cluster paring 2. Pair Clusters