Essential License file install for Docker

I recently installed a portworx cluster on (3) swarm nodes for some (amazingly good) replicated storage options within the cluster.

However it seems I’m unable to download the essential license file I need to activate it, only instructions on the portal are to generate a k8s spec however I’m not using K8s.


  • Jacob

Hi, You dont have to download or apply for any license for the essential cluster. by default, it comes with installation. can you please run this command on any one of the worker node /opt/pwx/bin/pxctl status ?

license has expired, I can no longer add volumes?

how do I convert to essentials?

yes, you can not create the volume if the trial license got expired. you can not covert the existing enterprise cluster into an essential cluster, but the other way around is possible. all you need to reinstall the portworx on the same cluster.

Hi, I have the same problem.

If I reinstall portworx on the same cluster will it still preserve all my data that was already created with the previous license?

hi @abienkow before the reinstall, how did you uninstall the portworx? you need to make sure and follow this uninstall steps Uninstall on Kubernetes

and also make sure this is no old binaries and thumbnails on the disks. If you still having problem then you need clean the old entries manually. is that the case ? please let me know.

Are you suggesting that if I completely uninstall Portworx and reinstall with trial license, the new installation will see the drives which have been managed by previous installation and I will be able to access my data?

FYI, this installation is not on kubernetes, it’s on docker swarm.

May be my questions should be, how can I get a temp license valid for a week so I can get back access to my data and copy data out and re-install my cluster.

Since the trial license expired, I’m not able to add another disk and the cluster is in storage full state, so not accessible.

Even if our license expired, it will allow read access to your data in the cluster. or in general px volumes resides under this /var/.px/ path. If you still need assistance and get you the trial license.

Unfortunately I do not have read access to my data, because volume filled up and StorageStatus is Down.

Due to the license expiring it is not allowing me to add another disk to bring the StorageStatus Up and recover my data.

I’ve tried many options and looks like the only way to do this is to fix the license.

Is there anyway I can get a short lived Enterprise License so that I can recover my data.