How can change Storage Class Replica count?

Hello, we are using Portworx for a Proof of Concept (POC). We have set up a bare-metal Kubernetes cluster. The replica count of the StorageClass is not critical for us. How can we reduce the replica count of the StorageClass from 3 to 1?

Create a new storageclass using a PWX delivered sc as a template.

kubectl get sc px-csi-xyz -o yaml > my-custom.yaml
edit my-custom.yaml to set replica count to 2 and the name of the storageclass to something you choose.
Then kubectl apply -f my-custom.yaml
Finally, kubectl get sc to show your newly created storageclass.

Why not replica 1, you ask? Because repl 1 means “one copy of data” not “one primary copy and one replica”. Furthermore, repl 1 means that when the k8s node or drive where your single copy of data is located is offline or fails permanently your app will not have access to its data.