Install failed at AWS

Hi Team,

i am install portfox at aws cloud EC2 machine. it will failed to create the deamon set and warn the following error. i have create the k8s with rancher rke version 1.20.6. I try many times still hit this error. after i try to using DC install method it pass this kvdb issue. can you help advise on this? shall we support at AWS rancher environment?

failed to setup internal kvdb: failed to provision internal kvdb: failed to check if kvdb device type=gp2,size=150 has partitions: exit status 1

Hi Steven, We do support the rancher + AWS combination, but not the rancher OS. But in your case, as per the error which you posted, portworx could not provide the EBS volume and attach it to the k8s worker nodes. you need to provide the required permission to portworx to perform that task.

Please follow the instruction as per this docs page. and let me know the outcome.

Hi Sensre,

So if we using rancher RKE k8s version at AWS. Portworx will not support such environment right?