Install Portworx on Openshift on AWS ROSA

Hi, we have been running a POC to evaluate portworx as a possible container storage solution for Openshift on AWS ROSA (managed Openshift service). This flavour of openshift allows no access to kube-system namespace. Hence we installed and configured Portworx on our custom namespace. We are facing issues with regards to application trying to mount volumes. I have attached screenshots of the config and the error. Also as an observation, I can see 3 portworx-proxy-* pods running in kube-system - we are not allowed to run these :frowning: . Is there a doucumented procedure to follow for installation of portworx on custom namespaces?

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For ROSA, add these annotations to your StorageCluster spec:

annotations: "false" "true"

That will stop the proxy pods from trying to start in kube-system. The other messages seem to point to not having available unused EBS volumes attached to the nodes for Portworx to consume and create a StorageCluster.
Can you confirm that you have attached additional volumes for use by Portworx?

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