OpenShift Deploy Portworx vSAN / VMFS - Reconfiguration Loop

Deployment of Openshift 4.14.27

Target: vcenter and vsphere nodes latest 8.0x

It is a demo environment for MVP and I did successful deployment once… a few months back but vSAN got wiped and rebuilt. Redeploy and now it endlessly loops deploy messages in vCenter after Portworx operator is installed:

I tried to post logs so this posting would be of value but forum blocks any posting with “…An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post…”

And cannot attach txt form of logs as file. So. Maybe I can edit post / reply with logs

Guess no way to use this forum when posting logs …

Question: During deployment, which pod or service runs TF scripting to allocate disk via cloud-drive that would be calling vmware to add disk to host?

oc get pods -n portworx
autopilot-556849bf7-kld85 1/1 Running 0 5m18s
portworx-api-htdgj 0/2 CrashLoopBackOff 35 (32s ago) 11h
portworx-api-pwg6j 0/2 CrashLoopBackOff 34 (67s ago) 11h
portworx-api-v6hz7 0/2 CrashLoopBackOff 34 (67s ago) 11h
portworx-api-vjltp 0/2 CrashLoopBackOff 34 (51s ago) 11h
portworx-operator-5669b6bdb9-knk7g 1/1 Running 19 (6m5s ago) 11h
px-cluster-5pngv 0/1 Running 10 (9m44s ago) 11h
px-cluster-659qb 0/1 Running 10 (9m30s ago) 11h
px-cluster-fp4sj 0/1 Running 9 11h
px-cluster-vjd4s 0/1 Running 10 (9m38s ago) 11h
px-csi-ext-59fd8f8b58-4lgg8 1/4 CrashLoopBackOff 106 (7s ago) 11h
px-csi-ext-59fd8f8b58-j2tn7 1/4 CrashLoopBackOff 100 (5s ago) 11h
px-csi-ext-59fd8f8b58-xpkck 4/4 Running 104 (3m19s ago) 11h
px-plugin-85d78c474b-wbr5g 1/1 Running 1 11h
px-plugin-85d78c474b-xb4rn 1/1 Running 1 11h
px-plugin-proxy-69987b8b6c-2dqqr 1/1 Running 2 (8m43s ago) 11h
stork-5dcb9c95d7-kl7gq 1/1 Running 8 (6m26s ago) 11h
stork-5dcb9c95d7-t8p88 1/1 Running 10 (8m18s ago) 11h
stork-5dcb9c95d7-trdn7 1/1 Running 4 11h
stork-scheduler-84f44b8ddd-fscz7 1/1 Running 5 11h
stork-scheduler-84f44b8ddd-tmv9q 1/1 Running 4 11h
stork-scheduler-84f44b8ddd-ts68w 1/1 Running 7 (8m14s ago) 11h

Update: Root cause is something related to spec file. I am trying to figure out which stanza is not feeding in correct.