Portworx Operator Blocks Cluster Upgrades and Uses Deprecated APIs

We upgraded our OSE cluster from 4.7-stable stream (4.7.30) to the 4.8-stable release stream (4.8.11) and are getting lots of errors now that I believe are related to the portworx operator. I’m pretty sure it’s portworx because with a new install for 4.8 the same errors appear immediately after we add portworx essentials (1.5.2) from the operator hub. There are three main alerts:

As a note, that last link doesn’t actually provide any other information. I wasn’t sure if this was a known issue, or if I should create a bug/report/something? Also if it was known, if there was any sort of eta on an update to remove the beta api references.

Hi Brian, Openshift 4.9 is removing CRD and some other old API versions, as they are removed from Kubernetes 1.22 itself. These are just warnings letting the user know that the operators will not work in Openshift 4.9.

We are going to release a new operator version this month which uses the new Kubernetes APIs. Once you upgrade to the new portworx operator version, the warnings should go away. Until then please do not upgrade your Openshift version to 4.9 if it comes out first. Rather I think, Openshift will block the upgrade if any installed operators are using the older Kubernetes APIs.

Yeah, OSE 4.9rc 5 is already out but we’ll hold off until it’s ready. Thanks for your update and ETA! :slight_smile: