PX-Autopilot FAQs

What is PX-Autopilot?

PX-Autopilot is a new product (add-on) on top of Portworx Enterprise. In its first release, PX-Autopilot is focussed on automated capacity management features. PX-Autopilot is a policy- based monitor and react engine. Using PX-Autopilot, customers can automatically grow PVCs and storage pools to expand their capacity needs using pre-defined thresholds.

What are the capacity management features offered as part of PX-Autopilot?

PX-Autopilot for capacity management allows customers to autogrow PVCs (volumes) and autogrow storage pools (physical infrastructure). More information is available in Portworx documentation here.

What release of Portworx Enterprise support PX-Autopilot?

PX-Autopilot is GA with 2.3.1 release of Portworx Enterprise (Nov 17 2019)

What is the business benefit of PX-Autopilot?

PX-Autopilot allows customers to provision only the amount of storage that they plan to use and grow the storage cluster as the need expands. With PX-Autopilot, we have examples of customers who can slash storage costs on EBS (or any other cloud storage) in half by not having to overprovision storage to get the desired level of performance. More information is at portworx.com/blog.

What storage infrastructure (on-premise and cloud) are supported?

PX-Autopilot in 2.3 supports all platforms (on-premise and cloud) for autogrow PVC featureā€¦

PX-Autopilot in 2.3 supports Azure and AWS for autogrow storage pools feature. vSphere support will be available at the end of the month soon followed by other platforms.

Is PX-Autopilot included in PX-Enterprise license?

No, PX-Autopilot is add-on to PX-Enterprise. For pricing, please contact your Portworx sales representative.