PX-Central is waiting for Prometheus / Grafana and Portworx

If you are attempting to start PX-Central on a cluster without Prometheus and Grafana and/or Portworx
Currently, PX-Lighthouse will get into a crash loop. This is because Lighthouse currently expects all of these to be present in the cluster.

The workaround for Prometheus and Grafana is:
Change portworx/lh-config-sync:0.3 to portworx/lh-config-sync:0.4

The Portworx Service dependency fix is currently in review along with some other optimizations such as:

  • Prometheus CRD installation moved to lh-config-sync
  • Lighthouse Service creation moved to lh-config-sync
  • AWS detection mechanism
    • Lighthouse Service Type optimization
    • Prometheus and Grafana Service Type optimization
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