Question on PWX Certified Admin


Am planning to give an PWX Certified Admin cert before end of this week. I can see i need to register myself first before i take my cert.

Can i register and take the exam immediately or is there is any wait period?


Hi @papsoncloud
In my case, for PCA exam, did the register on Friday…and took the exam the next day, as far as I remember, you can register and take it later…but not sure if there is a due date after registering.

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@Gerardo_Hernandez @papsoncloud

After you register for the exam (separate from Registering for the course), you will receive an email to take the exam. You may take the exam immediately or at your convenience.

You also have two attempts at the exam. Once you take it the first time, you have 30 days to retake. However there is no limit on WHEN you take your first attempt.

Good luck!

Thanks Ryan.

I registered for Portworx Certified Admin Exam yesterday and upon completion of registration, i can see it will go for validation before i get an access to the information to start the exam. But so far there is no update. Is it possible for you to connect me with the right person who can help me move forward?.

What is that wait period of 2nd attempt? If I give exam today and I need to wait for 30 days to give second attempt?

I just checked, your invite was sent out this morning. Please check your email.

There is no wait period for either attempt. The second attempt must be taken within 30 days of the first attempt. For instance, if you took the exam today and failed, you would need to take the exam again within 30 days.

Hope this answers your questions