Question regarding PX-Motion storkctl generate spec file

Hi Community,
I am testing PX-Motion between 2 kubernetes clusters. Followed all the prerequisites but when i am trying to generate the clusterpair config file on the remote cluster it is not generating the required configuration at the command output but silently getting ignored.
[rancher_user@dr-k8s-master .kube]$ kubectl exec -it stork-58f7cbc999-tthpq -n=kube-system – /bin/bash
[root@stork-58f7cbc999-tthpq /]# storkctl generate clusterpair -n green remotecluster
[root@stork-58f7cbc999-tthpq /]#



You can likely see whats going on by looking at Stork logs.

kubectl logs deployment/stork -c stork -n kube-system -f

If stork does not show you what is going on, try looking in the daemonset logs.

kubectl logs daemonset/portworx -c portworx -n kube-system -f

I’m experiencing the same issue. «storkctl generate clusterpair remoteclustername» returns 0 but does not print anything.

No related log is generated inside the «deployment/stork» nor inside «daemonset/portworx-api». I don’t have any Daemonset named «portworx».

Any hint would be appreciated! :slight_smile: