Stork 24.2.0 has been GA'd

I’m thrilled to announce that Stork 24.2.0 has been officially released! This update brings significant improvements to user experience for our Disaster Recovery (DR) offering. The number of required steps has been greatly reduced, eliminating the need to switch between kubectl and storokclt or change context between clusters.

Starting from this release, we have introduced “last mile migration,” ensuring data consistency during Failover in controlled environments or planned failovers. Users also have the option to override this behavior using a dedicated flag.

Additionally, we now support custom resources with the resource transformation feature, along with important bug fixes included in this release. More details can be found in the links provided below:

Release Notes

A big shoutout to the entire team for their hard work in delivering this crucial release. While it took some time to develop, it addresses a significant need by simplifying DR operations.