Azure AKS installation not possible

The Portworx documentation states that you need to be running K8s version 1.14. The minimum K8s version available using AKS on a new cluster is 1.15.11. Do you have a solution?

You can install Portworx on AKS cluster even on 1.15.11. Will check with the docs team to see if 1.14 was supposed to mean the min supported version.

Although last Friday (08/21/20) Azure rolled a change that is causing Disk attach calls from Portworx to fail if you are using VMSS. This is the error code you might see - LinkedAuthorizationFailed

If you are not using VMSS in your AKS cluster, you should be able to install Portworx.

If you want to use VMSS, then you can either talk to Azure support and ask them to revert their change in your Azure subscription or wait for Portworx 2.5.7 where we work around the Azure API problem.

Thanks for the rapid reply. I am using VMSS…my guess is that is where it is breaking down for me trying to get it running. Do you have a rough expected release time for 2.5.7…days, weeks, months?


Hi Tom,

We are working on resolving this ASAP. 2.5.7 should be out within the next couple weeks.


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Thank you…looking forward to using Portworx. It appears to be a great product.

Hi Tom,

Portworx 2.5.7 is out with the AKS fix. You should now be able to install Portworx in your AKS cluster.

Success…thank you for the rapid response!

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