Disaggregated mode

Hi all,
where can I find more documentation on how to install Portworx on Kubernetes/Openshift in Disaggregated mode?
I’m referring to this docs:
https://docs.portworx.com/cloud-references/deployment-arch/ (Approach A)
https://docs.portworx.com/portworx-install-with-kubernetes/application-install-with-kubernetes/deployment-arch/single-dc/ (Option 1)
but there i can’t find any detailed procedure.

Thank you.

@Giovanni the installation is the same as installing in a single scheduler. Please see high level steps below and let me know if you have any more questions

  1. Install external ETCD (disaggregated requires external ETCD)
  2. Install PX on the storage cluster
  3. Install PX on the storageless cluster - make sure you use same PX cluster name so storageless nodes join same PX cluster installed on step 2.

The cluster name is the “-c” option in the Portworx DaemonSet argument. When you generate PX spec in PX-Central it will provide a random name, but you can change it to something more meaningful and use same name and same ETCD endpoints for both kubernetes clusters.