Does portworx provide AWS S3-compatible API for prodcution?

Hi Portworx team
Our product is currently using portworx+minio on top of OCP as S3 compliant Objectstore provider, to reduce the footprint(redundancy), we are investigating “Could minio + portworx be replaced by portworx only?”

I found this document simply explains how to expose a highly available S3 compliant Objectstore from a Portworx cluster.

But Per below documentation Jun 21 version it states We do not support Object native. But minio provides an S3 Object interface that we’ve tested with (and works).

Could you please help to explain on Does portworx provide AWS S3-compatible API? then we can keep using the de facto standard API. Does it provide S3 object-store interface with flexible tiering, mirroring, and spread placement policies, over any storage resource that allows GET/PUT including S3, GCS, Azure Blob, Filesystems, etc?