Object Storage on Portworx

I am using object storage in a portworx cluster and I would like to know how to get the version of minio server and how to update to the latest version.
Unfortunately there have been significant changes and I cannot use the latest mc client with older minio servers.
Thanks in advance

I found the answers to my own questions.
get version:
/opt/pwx/oci/rootfs/usr/local/bin/px-obj version
/opt/pwx/oci/rootfs/usr/local/bin/px-obj update

After updating my px-obj (minio) I had problems and I was unable to reestablish the service. We ended up choosing to use a official MinIO image persisting portworx volumes.

You can create & check the px object-store status by the below commands. for example

pxctl objectstore create -v 613309387613195876
pxctl objectstore status
pxctl objectstore enable f38191e1-293c-4966-a41d-7e3cd3fd7394
pxctl objectstore status

[root@node2 ~]# pxctl objectstore status
UUID:			f38191e1-293c-4966-a41d-7e3cd3fd7394
Volume:			613309387613195876
State:			Enabled
Endpoints:		70.0.x.x:9010
Current Endpoint:	70.0.x.x:9010
Status:			Running
Region:			us-east-1
AccessPort:		9010

Please use the following command from a client to connect to this object store
/opt/pwx/bin/pxctl credentials create \
--provider=s3 --s3-disable-ssl --s3-region=us-east-1 \
--s3-access-key=XXXXXXXXXX \
--s3-secret-key=XXXXXXXXXXXX \
--s3-endpoint=70.0.X.X:9010 f38191e1-293c-4966-a41d-7e3cd3fd7394

using these details you can open the minio URL and check the version build. But I don’t think you can update the version. that needs to be validated internally.