Failed to load PX filesystem dependencies for kernel


Trying to get the portworx csi up and running on a new cluster

Using the operator, running on top of k8s v1.23.4, which is running on top of Ubuntu 22.04

Operator appears to be running fine but both the api daemonSet and the px-cluster storagecluster are failing to start.

No logs coming from the api pods, failing readiness probe

Warning Unhealthy 2m32s (x1466 over 3h37m) kubelet Readiness probe failed: Get “”: dial tcp connect: connection refused

px-cluster pods,

describe is giving a failed to load dependencies for kernel

Warning FileSystemDependency 28m portworx Failed to load PX filesystem dependencies for kernel 5.15.0-47-generic.
Normal PortworxMonitorImagePullInPrgress 13m portworx Portworx image pull and extraction in progress
Warning Unhealthy 4m25s (x1464 over 3h34m) kubelet Readiness probe failed: HTTP probe failed with statuscode: 503

with the portworx container throwing a status error connect: connection refused"
time=“2022-09-20T13:52:38Z” level=warning msg=“Could not retrieve PX node status” error=“Get "\”: dial tcp connect: connection refused"

and the driver not connecting to the csi.sock.

W0920 13:52:30.677595 1 connection.go:173] Still connecting to unix:///csi/csi.sock

I have checked and the kernel headers are installed.

Any suggestions on what to check next?

@rhyspowell looks like you are running with unsupported kernel and k8s versions. is this issue still persist ? i would recommended to check the supported kernel versions. Supported Kernels

Hi @sensre

Thanks for the information.

Yep still the issue, will take a look

TO avoid this issue “Still connecting to unix:///csi/csi.sock”, what is the portworx operator version which you are running in your cluster? and also run & build the k8s version v1.23.0 and below. and let me know how it goes.