Issue with Portworx Essentials Installation on OKD 4.8

I’m not having much luck installing Portworx Essentials on an OKD cluster. I have 3 master nodes and 6 worker nodes, 2 of which are labeled px/enabled=true. The operator installs without error, but when I try to apply the spec (generated from the web interface on PX-Central) I consistently get the following:

Could not install
rpc error: code = Unknown Pod level PID namespace requested for the container, but pod sandbox was not similarly configured, and does not have an infra container

I get the same error with version 2.8 as well.

From oc version command:
Server Version: 4.8.0-0.okd-2021-10-01-221835
Kubernetes Version: v1.21.2-1503+a620f506e95653-dirty

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Bill D.

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