Metro DR replication concept

Hi All,
I have a question about the Metro DR concept please,
i’m wondering if the replication is 100% sync (0 data loss), i mean، for the PV replicated on the DR site, is that is the acknowledgment of the write I/O to the up stream components is not confirmed, until the write is committed on all the replicas volumes including those of the DR site? or the I/O is acknowledged once the write is committed on the replica volumes of the PR site?


That is correct: in a metro DR configuration data is synchronously replicated. In a replication factor 2 volume, with replicas across 2 cluster domains, writes are acknowledged to the client after they are written to both replicas.

Hi jvinod
Thanks for your reply, it’s clear for me now,
did you know any documentation/links of Portworx that confirm that officially (i need for an internal use).
Thanks again Jvinod :slight_smile:

The external facing documentation is here: