Minio set up + certificates

Hi. We have a minio set up that uses certificates issued by our site administrator. I’ve been trying to set a cloud credential using pxctl but get a certificate verification error.

The base OS (RH8) has the domain certificate loaded in the main cert store and that seems to be ok. Is there a way to get the pxctl credentials create command to recognize it?

I’m attempting this right now. I don’t think I have the syntax right as it created the /etc/pwx directory on my nodes, but didn’t actually put the certificate in there.

I manually copied in the cert where it goes just to try some things out. Side question about cloudsnap, I noticed that the backup of a several hundred GB volume took about 10 seconds and isn’t taking up much room in our S3 storage area. The backup looks like it succeeded, but there’s no way…Is a full backup a licensed piece?