Node status not OK (STATUS_STORAGE_DOWN)

I’m seeing the portworx pod down.

kubectl exec $PX_POD -n kube-system – /opt/pwx/bin/pxctl status
Status: PX storage down
License: IBM Cloud Pak for Data
Node ID: b4b1fd5f-c2e9-40c9-a86c-70d3a9b2b035

Need help.


I tried these steps on the worker node where the portworx is down:

  1. pxctl service maintenance --enter
  2. /opt/pwx/bin/pxctl service drive add --drive /dev/sdb --operation start

(This will show some errors as the drive is already on the cluster). But it seems help bring up the pwx pod
3. /opt/pwx/bin/pxctl service maintenance --exit
4. wait for 30 seconds, check the status is ‘online’
/opt/pwx/bin/pxctl service drive show

It brought up the pod for a few seconds, then went down again. So it is not a solution.

Is this issue still valid? how many nodes are in the cluster? are you adding an additional disk to all the nodes?

can you please get the complete px pod log ?