Storage Full or Offline

in one of my node portworx storage went down.
I use Portworx Essentials license.
On that node only one disk attached 30 gb. 27 gb of 30 is busy now.
It cannot recognize second disk which i added

[root@node3 ~]# pxctl status
Status: PX storage down
License: PX-Essential (lease renewal in 23h, 59m

this is log of the pod

level=warning msg=“503 Node status not OK (STATUS_STORAGE_DOWN)” Driver=“Cluster API” ID=nodeHealth Request=“Cluster API”

Please help

hi @Crystal how did you add the second drive ? did you add it to the portworx pool or just added to the worker node?. you need to follow this steps to add the drives to portworx pool Expand your storage pool size