PersistentVolumeClaim Failed to provision volume with StorageClass “stork-snapshot-sc"

I am testing Portoworx 2.5 running in K8s 1.18.3 .
Stork is running ok, but when I tried to create a clone in a different namespace from a snapshot, gives error “waiting for a volume to be created by external provisioner stork-snapshot” or manually creating by system administrator.

The snapshot was correctly created in default namespace.
How can I check if stork-snapshot is correctly configured to provide volumes dynamically? kubectl describe sc stork-snapshot-sc shows no error and VolumeBindingMode as Immediate

@paulojbotto To clone volumes across namespaces you need to make sure 2 things are set correctly

  1. Assure that your snapshot has an annotation specifying which namespaces it can be restored to. The annotation is and can be a comma separated list of regexes where the snapshot can be restored

  2. When creating a PVC, add an annotation specifying which namespace the snapshot is present in.
    The annotation to add to the PVC is

An example using these annotations is shown here:

Thank you for your help.
After debugging, I noticed storage was running out of space, so that’s why storage class stork-snapshot-sc was unable to dynamically provision volumes.
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