Portworx Enterprise 2.12.0 is now GA!

We are very excited to announce that Portworx Enterprise 2.12.0 is now GA.

New Features

Portworx by Pure Storage is proud to introduce the following new features:

  • On-prem users can now enable PX-Fast functionality that utilizes the new PX-StoreV2 datastore. PX-Fast enables a new accelerated IO path for volumes and is optimized for workloads requiring consistent low latencies. PX-StoreV2 is the new Portworx datastore optimized for supporting IO intensive workloads for configurations utilizing high performance NVMe class devices.
  • Early access support for Portworx Object Service. This feature allows storage admins to provision object storage buckets with various backing providers using custom Kubernetes objects.
  • You can now use Vault AppRoleā€™s Role ID and Secret ID to authenticate with Vault. Portworx will auto-generate Vault tokens to store encryption secrets and cloud credentials in Vault.
  • Metro and asynchronous disaster recovery (DR) involves migrating Kubernetes resources from a source cluster to a destination cluster. To ensure that the applications can come up correctly on the destination clusters, you may need to modify resources to work as intended on your destination cluster. The ResourceTransformation feature allows you to define a set of rules that modify the Kubernetes resources before they are migrated to the destination cluster.

This release also includes many other improvements and key bug fixes. Full release notes are here.