Portworx Enterprise 3.0.0 is now GA!

We are excited to announce the 3.0.0 release of Portworx Enterprise, This release is an important milestone as we help customers move to the next level of scale, performance, automation in our quest to remain the market leader in cloud-native storage category.This release marks the beginning of our new storage backend (PX-Store v2) for cloud environments starting with AWS. We have now integrated cloud drives (a critical component for automatic provisioning) with the new backend and it will soon become default for other cloud environments in near future. This is a transparent change from customer perspective and existing features/capabilities continue to be supported.In addition to this, the release includes some cool new features, several customer requested enhancements and more than 200 bug fixes that will improve the overall customer experience. Some key highlights are:

  • 50% improvement in migration time with Async DR and PX-Migrate
  • License extensions for blue-green cluster upgrades
  • Topology awareness for Flash Array with Portworx volumes
  • Disk tagging for chargeback/control in all major public clouds
  • Disk Encryption with Oracle Cloud (OKE) integration
  • Granular Pod level metrics in Telemetry

Detailed Release notes are here.