Portworx Enterprise 2.6.1 is now GA

With 2.6.1, Portworx is now available on AWS Marketplace.
2.6.1 also includes several enhancements

  • Added support for fetching tokens per vault namespace.
  • Users can instruct Portworx to delete the local snaps created for cloudsnaps after the backup is complete through the pxctl --delete-local option. This causes the subsequent backups to be full.
  • Volume resize operation status alerts export metrics to Prometheus with additional context, such as: volumeid, clusterid, pvc name, namespace.
  • Cluster level setting to configure network interface for cloudsnap endpoints.
  • Introducing a new px-cache configuration parameter to control the cache block size for advanced users: px-runc arg: -cache_blocksize <size> .
  • Improved Portworx NFS handling
  • Support per volume encryption with scaled volumes (DCOS)
  • New option to read vSphere usernames and passwords from a Kubernetes secret directly instead of mounting them inside the Portworx spec.

Full list of enhancements and fixes can be found in documentation here - https://docs.portworx.com/reference/release-notes/portworx/#2-6-1

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