Portworx Enterprise 2.9.0 is now GA

We are very pleased to announce that 2.9.0 is now GA . This release includes several new features and improvements as well as key bug fixes.

Important note before you upgrade to 2.9.0:

  • If you’re using Kubernetes 1.22, you should use Stork 2.7.0 with Portworx 2.9.0.
  • After upgrading to Portworx 2.9.0, the existing sharedv4 service volumes will be switched to using NFS version 4.0.

Here is the list of improvements:

Improvement Number Improvement Description
PWX-18037 Improved pxctl status bootstrap issue reporting when KVDB connectivity is blocked.
PWX-18038 Clarified error message when using an incorrect network interface.
PWX-18362 Using the pxctl cloudsnap list -d command, you can now list cloudsnaps of volumes that are no longer present in the cluster, but belonged to it.
PWX-20670 Portworx will attempt to enable persistent journaling when installing .
PWX-21373 The following template can now be used in a VolumePlacementStrategy for the volumeAntiAffinity or volumeAffinity to automatically constrain the MatchExpressions to the PVC namespace. values:``- "${pvc.namespace}". You can now separate interaction between different namespaces when using volume (anti-)affinity in VPS.
PWX-21506 One of the folders used by legacy shared (fuse) volumes will not created unless shared volumes are created and mounted. This change prevents the internal mount path, specifically ( /opt/pwx/oci/rootfs/pxmounts ), from being created when there are no shared volumes being used.
PWX-21994 Added support for the cgroup V2 -configured hosts.
PWX-21341 Added the sharedv4_failover_strategy storageClass parameter whose value can be either aggressive or normal . The aggressive strategy uses a shorter failover grace period than the one used by the normal strategy. If sharedv4_failover_strategy is unspecified, then the default for sharedv4 service volumes is aggressive and that for sharedv4 volumes is normal . The value for this parameter can be changed using the pxctl volume update command as well. An empty value clears the setting.
PWX-21684 Telemetry is now disabled by default on the spec generator. Enable telemetry under advanced settings.

Full release notes are available here.