Portworx Essentials on Nomad

Can a Portworx essentials license be used on a Nomad cluster?

PX-Central seems to only be able to generate kubernetes manifests, the documentation for installing on Nomad results in an enterprise license, and I can’t figure out how to add the essentials license to a nomad cluster.

Currently, Portworx Essentials is only available for Kubernetes.

For Nomad, Enterprise with 30-day free trial is the available option.

We want to deploy portworx in our nomad cluster and we need the essentials license.
Is there a way to use it with nomad in the future ?

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your interest in Portworx Essentials. Portworx Essentials is only supported on Kubernetes at the moment and no plan to add support for Nomad in short-term.

You can always explore Portworx platform with a 30-day trial license of Portworx Enterprise.