Portworx Essentials with Air-gapped clusters

Hello guys,
We are performing some test of portwox on an air gapped environment and I got a message about “PX-Essential (ERROR: License is expired, PX-Central server not reachable)”.

I guess from the different topic I read on the forum that the central must to communicate to internet for Portworx Essential instead of Enterprise.

Since I did not found on the documentation, and just to be sure, is it possible to run portworx on a close network when using Essential license ? and if yes what env variable do I need to add ?

If not, it would be great to add on the air-gapped section this kind of information…

Thanks in advance for yours answers

Hi Florian,

It is required for Portworx Essentials to communicate with PX-Central endpoint to keep the licenses active. It is mentioned in the Portworx Essentials documentation here