Portworx Spec Generator questions

I’m looking at installing PortWorx essentials on an OpenShift Cluster in AWS.
We want 3 TB of storage and have nodes.
I’m trying to use the Storage tab, and am not sure how to complete it.
I select Cloud/AWS/Create Using a Spec
Then GP2 from the EBS volume Type dropdown.
Do I put 1000 GB in the Size field? (1000 GB * 3 nodes == 3 TB)
Or do I need to Add a new Volume for each node?

Previously I have done manual installs and setup 2 devices, storage and metadata. Is that done automatically behind the scenes? or is that a seperate volume I need to add to the spec?

Tested this, and pivking 1000GB created a volume of 1000GB for each worker node (5nodes), and there were 3 smaller volumes of 150GB created also, which I’m assuming were for metadata.