Pvc in pending state after succeful installation on IKS with operator

Hi there,
I’ve installed Portworx Essentials on IBM Cloud IKS (vpc-gen2) using the operator.
First thing is PX-Central doesn’t show IBM Cloud as cloud provider, so I had to do with a config yaml similar to aws.
pxctl status show the storagecluster up and running, and I’m able to manually create volumes.
When I try to create a pvc though, the state is stuck in “pending” with the following error: “waiting for a volume to be created, either by external provisioner “pxd.portworx.com” or manually created by system administrator”
Someone with a similar issue/solution?

Hi @Julia_Peromingo

Can you try installing PVC Controller deployment and see if you are able to create the volume.
Just change the Portworx version and K8s version and generate the spec and apply.