Reinstall and preserve data

Hi Px team, I have a question regarding volume-snapshots / cloudsnaps.

In the following scenario, where we have an application in a namespace, let say, the application is Prometheus. It uses 2 portworx volumes and it was installed via helm/terraform.

The owner of the application wanna reinstall, but during the process, maybe (helm | terraform), could remove all in the namespace… delete namespace and all resources on it, but he needs to keep the data of the volumes.

What kind of snapshot, backup, cloudsnap would be the recommended for this case, so once the app be reinstalled, we can import the previous data in the new volumes created?


Hi @Gerardo_Hernandez, It is always good to have an application backup of prometheus (or the namespace prometheus is running in). In case of a disaster scenario you described, you can restore pvc from backup before reinstalling the app. But in general, I have not seen helm or terraform delete objects during a patch/ upgrade. However if it is a reinstall (i.e. un-install and reinstall), you should look at the workflow and put together a governance/ process which ensures availability of the application through the process.