Snapshot restore was successful but I couldn't find the existing volumes

Hi Portworx Team,
I setup portworx to consume metadata from an external ETCD cluster. I created a snapshot and restored it successfully. I ran a command to view the volume list, I couldn’t find the expected volumes, what are mine doing wrong, please?

hi @opeomotayo ;

  1. are you doing local or cloud snapshots?
  2. are you restoring it as per this doc page Create and use local snapshots
  3. can you post your restore steps?

Hi Sensre, I created an external ETCD cluster on AWS, then I created an EKS cluster in AWS too, I installed portworx on the EKS cluster, the installed portworx is connected the external ETCD cluster. I wanted to test a ETCD data snapshot backup and restore, so I created some volumes, took the snapshot, deleted the volumes and restored the snapshot, but I wasn’t able to view the volumes I backed up earlier.

I hope that provides some contexts to what I was doing?

Can someone please response