Unable to deploy PX-Central on Kubernetes Cluster

I keep getting stuck trying to deploy PX-Central. It works in the first Kubernetes cluster, but failed when I tried to replicate the deployment on a different cluster.

Here is the error:
Error: couldn’t find key OIDC_CLIENT_SECRET in Secret central/pxc-backup-secret

in these two pods below
Pod pxcentral-backend-9fdb64b97-jn74w and
Pod pxcentral-frontend-68867c7984-t8q5h in particular

Any help?

can you please post your install command here? are you using OIDC , if yes. can you verify related secret got created in your cluster.

I installed PX-Central on-prem using the spec generator:

helm repo add portworx http://charts.portworx.io/ && helm repo update

helm install px-central portworx/px-central --namespace central --create-namespace --version 2.3.3 --set persistentStorage.enabled=true,persistentStorage.storageClassName=“portworx-sc-test”

There is no OIDC in my configuration as shown:

After checking, my first kubernetes cluster with Portworx version: 2.11.5, it seems that PX-Central installation is a success. pxc-backup-secret contains 3 data, secret exist as shown;

However, the second kubernetes cluster with Portworx version: 2.12.1, the secret in pxc-backup-secret only created OIDC_ENDPOINT and OIDC_CLIENT_ID, and not OIDC_CLIENT_SECRET

I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the Portworx version itself, but I managed to install PX-Central successfully after editing in OIDC_CLIENT_SECRET from my first cluster.

Thank you for assisting!