PX-Backup 1.0.2 is now GA

PX-Backup 1.0.2 along with PX-Central on-prem (1.0.4) is now GA. With this update, users can now choose the PX-Backup only option on central.portworx.com to set up PX-Backup on any Kubernetes cluster using Helm. Here are highlights from this release -

  • Helm based install for PX-Backup only
    • No requirement to install PX; will work with any storage class or local storage on the cluster
    • Licensing/monitoring components are separate and not required to get PX-Backup going
    • Supports port forwarding and load balancer with/without ingress controller
  • Generic CRD support
  • OIDC integration in kubeconfig
  • Backing up namespace quota objects
  • UI fixes and enhancements
    Full list of features/improvements and key fixes is here.