Unable to setup HTTPS on Portworx Central UI / Portworx Backup

I have installed Portworx Central / backup using the helm chart provided in the general documentation. I am able to access this service without issues if I use the http based LoadBalancer IP.

I use Traefik for my cluster Ingress controller.

I have created an ingressRoute in Traefik for the UI and the login page loads without issues. So I am able to access:


however if I attempt to login I get the following error:
We are facing an issue connecting with OIDC. Please try after some time Client error: POST backup.mydomain.com/auth/realms/master/protocol/openid-connect/token resulted in a 405 Method Not Allowed response: {“error”:“RESTEASY003650: No resource method found for GET, return 405 with Allow header”}

I have played around with this for hours and seem unable to resolve. Any thoughts on how to proceed? I am happy to provide any YAML you might need but don’t want to spam all here but here is the IngressRoute:

apiVersion: traefik.io/v1alpha1
kind: IngressRoute
  name: portworx-central-ingress
  namespace: portworx
    - websecure
    - match: Host(`backup.mydomain.com`)
      kind: Rule
        - name: px-backup-ui
          port: 80
    - match: Host(`backup.mydomain.com`) && PathPrefix(`/auth`)
      kind: Rule
        - name: pxcentral-keycloak-http
          port: 80
    secretName: portworx-central-tls-cert