Uninstalling Portworx on air gapped environment such as ICP/CP4data

When wiping Portworx in air gapped environment using this documented procedure https://docs.portworx.com/portworx-install-with-kubernetes/operate-and-maintain-on-kubernetes/uninstall/px-wipe-airgapped/ you may run to an issue pulling talisman image which would cause the uninstall to not perform properly. The issue will be addressed in future release of the wiper script. In the meanwhile to work around the issue, the px-node-wiper is a daemonset, so after the wiper script starts up edit the px-node-wiper daemonset kubectl -n kube-system edit ds px-node-wiper and add your imagePullSecret under spec:

       - name: "infra-registry-key"

where infra-registry-key is the name of the registry secret that you created in K8s.