Update Portworx start port

By default, Portworx uses port range 9001-9022 during installation. For OpenShift 4+ the default port range is 17001-17022.

If you have a running cluster and want to update the port range consumed by Portworx then ensure the perform the follow steps:

  • If Portworx version is < 2.3.5 then upgrade Portworx to at least 2.3.5
  • If all the nodes in the cluster are on version 2.3.5 or above then edit the Portworx DaemonSet to add your custom start port"-r", "<custom_start_port>" to the DaemonSet args.
    kubectl -n kube-system edit daemonset portworx
  • If using Portworx operator, then edit the StorageCluster spec to add your custom start port
    kubectl -n kube-system edit storagecluster <cluster_name>
apiVersion: core.libopenstorage.org/v1alpha1          
kind: StorageCluster          
  name: portworx            
  namespace: kube-system            
  startPort: <custom_start_port>

If you are using a custom port and want to go back to the default ports, the same steps would apply. Just remove the -r argument from the DaemonSet or unset the startPort in the StorageCluster.