Upgrading to Portworx 2.1.x

When upgrading older version of Portworx to version 2.1.x on Kubernetes you can follow the instructions on the documentation link below:

This will upgrade the Portworx DaemonSet and pods to version 2.1.x.
After that you can also generate a new spec yaml file on the link below:


To upgrade the remaining objects (like for example Stork) and updating some cluster roles.

Make sure you create a new spec file with the same exact parameters you had on your previous version of Portworx.
After generating the spec, download it and update the cluster name. This is really important, otherwise you may create a new Portworx cluster.
To update the cluster name, search for DaemonSet on the yaml file and look for a session similar to this one:

          image: portworx/oci-monitor:2.1.1
          imagePullPolicy: Always
            ["-c", "px-cluster-test", "-a", "-secret_type", "k8s", "-j", "auto", "-b", 
             "-x", "kubernetes"]

The cluster name in this example is px-cluster-test.
After that you can apply the yaml file to your Kubernetes cluster:

kubectl apply -f spec.yaml