What domain/port needs to be open for license validation?

My customer has a cluster egress firewall and I am getting these errors below
Can somebody comment on what domain/port need to be open for Essentials license validation?
Is http://logs-01.loggly.com on port 80 the only one that must be open?

CLUSTER MeteringAgentWarning WARN 1 Dec 29 21:55:57 UTC 2022 Dec 29 21:55:57 UTC 2022 Unable to reach to billing server: Cannot send metric to the billing endpoint: node ( node ( Get “http://logs-01.loggly.com/inputs/*token*/tag/http/”: EOF

You may also want to verify below details as well along with loggly.

  • access to PAYG reporting server rest.zuora.com:443
  • access to Flexera FNO server flex1327.compliance.flexnetoperations.com:443
  • there’s also loggly server at logs-01. loggly .com:80